Rite Aid Corp (NYSE:RAD)

Top holdings at AthenaInvest: Sirius XM Radio, Rite Aid, Hurco (SIRI, RAD, HURC)

AthenaInvest is a Colorado-based investment advisor that follows “Strategy Based Investing,” grouping managers into peer groups and ranking them and their investments toward finding strong stock ideas: Managers with a well defined strategy and a high degree of conviction rate highly. Stocks held by highly ranked managers with conviction also […]

What Covestor managers are buying: Rite Aid (RAD, SIRI, HURC)

Invest like me – only at Covestor.com For the Athena US Equity portfolio, Covestor model manager Athena Invest looks for twenty US stocks that are held by top equity managers. This portfolio’s current top holdings include Rite Aid (RAD), Sirius XM Radio (SIRI), and Hurco Companies (HURC) (as of end of day […]