Author: Yolander Prinzel

New Positions on Covestor (VMC, XOM)

In their Large Cap Value model, manager Bristlecone VP focuses on those large cap companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. The model is long only and its manager uses a research-intensive process to identify intrinsic value and noticeable discounts. This week, they added Vulcan Materials […]

New Positions on Covestor (DHI, SUPX)

In his Speedboat model, Covestor manager Robert Gay uses proprietary technology to create a data record for companies before he invests. He looks for companies that are accelerating rapidly and are expected to produce high returns. This week, he added two positions to the model. The first was D.R. Horton […]

New Positions on Covestor (HANS, CEO, CIB)

In Kevin Stewart’s Top Internationals model, Stewart looks for top performing, international companies with strong balance sheets, sales growth and earnings with low debt-to-equity ratios. This week, he added Hansen Natural Corp (NASDAQ: HANS) to the model. HANS is a natural beverage company that focuses on producing natural juices, sodas […]

New Managers on Covestor (SPXU, PM, MMC, SQQQ)

New Covestor model manager SWAN Asset Management gets its name from a tenet that many investors long to uphold—Sleep Well At Night. In order to create portfolios that can allow investors to do this, they focus on investment strategies that hedge against downside risk, give steady progress in good markets […]

New Positions on Covestor (REK, TBH)

This week, Amin Khakiani added ProShares Short Real Estate (REK) to his Quantitative Hedging model. In the model, Khakiani mixes long and short-term holdings and invests in many different sectors. REK attempts to provide results that are the inverse of the Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate index. This is the […]

Limiting Downside Risk while Shooting for Long-Term Success (IGOV, IWM, EEM, SSNHY)

Covestor model manager Alex Denegan strives for long-term success and reduced downside risk in his Quanitative Optimization model. To manage these goals he uses ETFs to create a diverse portfolio along with quantitative asset allocation. The top holding in the model is iShares S&P/Citigroup International Treasury Bond Fund (IGOV), a […]