Author: Yolander Prinzel

New Positions on Covestor (SIRI, VXX, VMW)

John Ballard’s Mid-Cap Fundamentals model focuses on the best companies in under-capitalized sectors. Ballard uses a fundamental approach and looks for strong balance sheets and high returns on capital. Recently, he added Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) to the model. SIRI’s total assets dropped slightly in 2009, going from […]

New Managers on Covestor (MSFT, DELL, JNJ, IGOV, IWM)

This week we have two new Covestor model managers to introduce to you. The first is Ryan Leggio, a research analyst in the financial services industry. His Intrinsic Value model is focused on investing in above average companies that are at a below average price. The long-term model generally is […]

Spain’s Debt is Downgraded and U.S. Markets Feel Global Economic Concerns (POT, NOK, JNJ)

There was good news on the unemployment front this week. The Department of Labor’s weekly unemployment claims report (which you can read here) reported a 16,000 claim decrease for the week ending September 25th. Unfortunately, the good news from the Labor Department did not do enough to allay investor’s fears […]

Interview with Covestor Model Manager Mark Holder (AER, RVBD, FCX, LIWA, MEE, PUDA, ANR, TEX, LULU, MMYT, TSLA, RVBD)

As of September 27th, 2010, manager Mark Holder’s Opportunistic Arbitrage model has enjoyed a 22.56 percent return since its inception in February 2010. Holder uses a variety of strategies to achieve this return, including investing in IPOs and beaten down sectors. We talked to him this week to get some […]