Author: Yolander Prinzel

New Positions on Covestor (LGF, MFE, INTC)

In the MergerArb model, manager Atlas Capital looks for potential takeover targets and, depending on their liquidity and share price, considers adding them to the model. This week they added two positions. The first was Lions Gate Entertainment Corp (NYSE: LGF). For months, Lions Gate has been attempting to merge […]

New Positions on Covestor (IVAC, MCRL, SPXU, SIFY)

Model manager GEARS added two new positions to the Speedboat model this week. The first, Intevac Inc (NASDAQ: IVAC), is a developer of cameras, low-light electro-optical sensors and imaging systems. Their second quarter 2010 financial results showed a 107 percent increase in total revenues over the same period the previous […]

A Momentum Model with ETFs (BRF, EWM, PIN)

In the Rebound MF model, manager Rebound Trading uses technical analysis to choose up to seven larger cap, more-than-average-volume ETFs for the model. A stop loss order is placed on each ETF in the model. The top position in the model is Market Vectors Brazil Small Cap ETF (BRF), an […]

New Positions on Covestor—October 5th, 2010 (CIB, BLK)

A few weeks ago we talked about the Technical Swing model on Covestor–a model that attempts to take advantage of short-term price swings—and the new positions manager Michael Arold added to the model. This week, Arold added two more. The first was BanColombia SA (NYSE: CIB), a bank with clients […]

Algorithms and Market Inefficiencies (UFPT, WXCO)

The Focus Value model, managed by Analytic Investment, uses algorithms to help them take advantage of mispricing opportunities due to market inefficiencies. The algorithms assist by continually computing a relative value for stocks based on their fundamental factors, which allows the model managers to quickly spot price-based opportunities brought on […]

New Positions on Covestor (RL, NFLX, HSY)

In his Fundamental Growth model, manager Gerald Sparrow looks for companies that have grown their sales, earnings and cash flows over time and that have established their ability to survive varying economic cycles. This week, he added three new positions to his model. The first was Polo Ralph Lauren Corp […]

New Positions on Covestor (FNFG, UNG, NAL)

In his Financial Services model, Covestor manager Andrew Schornack invests in positions within the financial services and real estate sectors. We discussed his model in detail last week. This month, Schornack added First Niagara Financial Group Inc (NASDAQ: FNFG) to the model. On September 30th, FNFG had a dividend yield […]

U.S. Markets Soar on Japan and Manufacturing News (HOG, IRM, T)

In an effort to strengthen the progress of the country’s economic recovery, the Bank of Japan discussed plans for quantitative easing, which included a $59.7 billion program to increase liquidity in the financial sector by buying assets. In addition, they lowered their overnight rate to between 0 and 0.1 percent […]