Author: Josh Mohrer

Contrasting TS&W / Claymore Tax-Advantaged Balanced Fund (TYW) with Qualified Dividend Income and Municipal Income Closed End Fund Peers

Disclosure: Long TYW, DHG, LBF, and DRP in Well Intentioned Activism Profile Closed End Funds and Tax Advantaged Income (TYW only). Short AOD in Long/Short Opportunistic. On November 9th, 2010 TS&W / Claymore Tax-Advantaged Balanced Fund (TYW) made a press release broadly observed to reflect directional uncertainty in light of […]

Bill DeShurko October Monthly Investment Report (VZ, NLY, ALSK)

Author:  Bill DeShurko, 401 Advisor Disclaimer:  Bill DeShurko owns VZ, NLY and ALSK in his Covestor Value Plus Model. October 4, 2010:  Currently the portfolio has 8 holdings and approximately 10% in cash.  Gains have been led by Verizon Wireless (VZ) with over a 10% gain in September including the […]

Covestor Trade Activity, September 24th 2010 (HANS, CRM, UPRO, SPXU, DE, SQQQ, BID, CTRP, STED, EDU, VMED, SPXU, SKF, LVS, DCTH, TBT, UNG, UPRO, AAPL, GGP)

The following stocks were traded by Covestor Model Managers on Friday September 24th, 2010 Covestor Model Manager Stocks For The Week traded HANS in their Model Top Internationals Covestor Model Manager Stocks For The Week traded CRM in their Model Top Internationals Covestor Model Manager Frank Hogelucht traded UPRO in […]

Covestor Trading Activity – September 22nd 2010

The following trades were made in Covestor Model Manager accounts on September 22nd: Covestor Model Manager Craig Steury traded ICON in their Model Algorithmic Trading Covestor Model Manager Rebound Trading traded LQD in their Model Rebound ETF Covestor Model Manager Timothy Sykes traded REDF in their Model Contra Hype Covestor […]

Bob Gay (GEARS) September Monthly Investment Report (DHI, PHA, TBL, BRKS, IVAC, POWI, PLXS, ATMI, SLAB, FARO, DIOD, VSH, CYMI, FCS, TLAB)

The collection and analysis of the second quarter 2010 financial statements is largely complete now and a broad based acceleration in corporate wealth is clearer. The average annual sales growth rate of the GEARS total market index is now positive and, over the past year, staged the sharpest “V” shaped improvement in the data record. Even with that unprecedented reversal, the average sales growth rate has recovered only to the cycle trough level of 2002.

YH&C Investments September Monthly Investment Report (CASS, GIGM, DGI, KONA, MLAB, NDAQ)

I believe September will prove to be much more representative of a “normal market” than June, July, or August, simply because the market will have all participants engaged. Summer is always a low volume situation, and as such, prices of stocks can get distorted with wide spreads on low volume. One caveat, I thought the same thing held true two years ago, and when the bottom fell out of Lehman, Fannie and Freddie, etc, I was surprised at the magnitude of the selling for the next 6 months. I do not see any events like that on the horizon, and I do not believe we will have a double dip recession. I also believe the bond market is in a huge bubble, and investors will feel the pain of it popping, especially with 2yr, 10 yr, and 30 yr Treasuries trading at all time low yields.