What Tesla has in common with Apple

The industry website Electrek is reporting that the Tesla (TSLA) Model 3 is now starting to hit showrooms, and it is drawing large crowds.

The article notes a similarity to the crowds Apple (AAPL) would attract on iPhone launch days.

If you are a Tesla shareholder, like I am, you could only dream of the Model 3 having half the success of the iPhone.


iPhone Parallels

I made this same observation in a post many months ago. Tesla’s Model 3 and the franchise Apple iPhone brand have a lot in common.

The Model 3 sedan brings the Tesla brand to the ordinary consumer for the most part, and not just the well-to-do.




The model also introduces a driver to the Tesla ecosystem, with a network of cars communicating with one another and artificial intelligence gathering real-time data to make autonomous driving safer.



Apple Ecosystem

In my opinion, this is all similar to the iPhone and iOS ecosystem, where a person stores photos, or music, in the iCloud or on iTunes.

Consumers stay in touch with iMessages and Facetime.

When someone buys an iPhone they buy an experience; when someone buys a Model 3, it may come to experience as well.



Or will it come down to brand, just like when you go to get a new phone vs. getting the new iPhone.

Will you be getting just a new car or the new Tesla?

In time, we will all learn whether the Tesla brand is a success or failure.

Photo Credit: Phil Denton via Flickr Creative Commons

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