Covestor Profiles: Ben Dickey

Ben Dickey, based in Houston, is an engineer by training and chairman of the investment committee at BSG&L Financial Services, a registered investment adviser. Ben is one of the firm’s founding principals, and he manages the Covestor Pure Growth and Growth Plus Income portfolios.

Ben says he likes to take a top-down approach to picking a sector—and then a bottom-up analysis to find the individual stocks that offer value. When Ben’s is not managing his two Covestor portfolios, you will probably find him tending to his garden and hanging out with his golden retriever.

For more on Ben’s background and investing style, check out our video below.

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Ben Dickey
Ben Dickey
BSG&L is a Texas-based registered investment adviser. Our founding principals, Ben Dickey and Kevin Londergan, have more than 30 years experience in both accounting and financial services.

At BSG&L, we believe that greater and consistent returns can only be achieved by identifying long-term tendencies in the investment markets and understanding fundamental shifts in expected investment returns.