Charles Sizemore in Financial Advisor: Consumer product stocks have first-mover advantage

Financial Advisor’s Ben Mattlin turned to Covestor manager Charles Sizemore for a comment on the equities picture in 2013:

“I expect European markets to be range-bound for years as they struggle to find political solutions to all that ails them,” says Charles Sizemore, an investment model manager and RIA at Boston-based Covestor. “But that’s OK; you can make money in a range-bound market.” Sizemore specifically likes consumer-products providers. “They tend to have the best positioning in [serving] emerging markets,” he says. “They are locking in the loyalties of up-and-coming middle class consumers. There is a huge first-mover advantage here, and they are taking advantage of it.”

Read the full article on FA: World Of Opportunities

For more on Charles’ outlook for 2013, see his recent post on Spanish banks and dividend stocks.

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