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World’s largest copper producers (FCX, BHP, SCCO)

Author: Mark Holder Covestor Model: Opportunistic Arbitrage Disclosure: Long FCX In the financial world these days, information is loosely passed around as fact whether correct or not. That makes the following table interesting, because a lot of people talk about copper and investing in the sector, but this has to […]

Scheduled Website Maintenance

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on May 3, 2011 between 1.00am and 4.00am EDT.  During this time our website will be inaccessible for between 15 minutes and 1 hour.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Mirroring and Wealth Account Holders Clients can call Customer Service at 1.866.825.3005, and press option […]

Fight of the century: Keynes vs. Hayek round two

From, here’s the much awaited sequel to 2010’s Fear the Boom and Bust, a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem. With the market riding high following massive government spending, but U.S. unemployment still around 9%, it’s time for round two: Background from the creators: According to the National Bureau of […]

Our energy policy looks like a bubble – T. Konrad

Author: Tom Konrad Model: Alt Energy Stocks Disclosure: Long 7 clean energy stocks Bubbles are a social phenomenon at least as much as they are a financial phenomenon. What characterizes them? At the top of bubbles, participants ignore glaringly obvious risks. In October 2007, Meredith Whitney pointed out the almost glaringly […]

Understanding leveraged ETFs

A number of Covestor models use leveraged ETFs as part of their investment strategy. SymmetricInfo has a two-part post illustrating the mechanics of leveraged ETFs that work on a daily return basis, and the potential pitfalls in these securities that not all investors are aware of, despite (in some cases) […]

Who is the sovereign for whom sovereign wealth funds invest?

Author: Vivian Lewis Covestor model: International Yield As North Koreans starve while their regime totters on, as Bashir Al-Assad shoots people in areas of Syria opposed to his dynasty, a question springs to mind: Who exactly is the sovereign for whom sovereign wealth funds invest? Is it the regime? Is […]

Why has Microsoft seemingly stopped innovating? (MSFT)

Not a new question, but this is a remarkable answer that any Microsoft or software sector investor will appreciate, as will any student of corporate and innovation culture. From former Microsoft employee Hussein Kanji, on Quora: . . . I was at Microsoft in recent years, 2002-2005, and was recruited […]

New benchmark indexes applied to Covestor models

Until recently, we displayed Covestor model portfolio performance in comparison to just one benchmark, the S&P 500. This large-cap U.S. equity index was a helpful benchmark for a portion of our models, but for those with different mandates – like small-cap stocks or international focused portfolios – the S&P 500 […]

The inmates are escaping the walls at FGI and FGF – Dan Plettner

Author: Dan Plettner Covestor models: Disclosure: Long FGI and FGF in Core, Well Intentioned Activism Profile Closed-End Funds, Long/Short Opportunistic A fool and his money are soon parted. In the investment industry, observation of advisors wasting client wealth occurs far too frequently. What is uncommon in the investment business is […]