Monthly Archives: March 2011

Teva, Transcept, Biodel and now Bristol-Myers Squibb – Jeremy Zhou’s top holdings (BMY, TEVA, TSPT)

    Jeremy Zhou manages Covestor’s Biotech and Medtech portfolio, which launched just recently. He brings to his investing a strong background in nutrition, toxicology and finance: his academic background includes a B.S. degree in Nutrition & Toxicology and a Masters of Public Health (MPH) with an emphasis on Epidemiology from […]

Where Americans’ taxes go

Turbotax produced this infographic that breaks down the U.S. government’s spending, how it’s changed in the last decade, and what it could look like in 2012, based on the proposed 2012 Presidential budget. Drag the scissors across the dates, then mouse over the sections of the dollar to see the […]

Look who’s shorting GE stock (NYSE: GE)

Michael Arold, based in Germany, aims to exploit market inefficiencies using a momentum-based trading strategy. He has a strong engineering background and currently works in the software industry. Here’s how Michael’s Covestor model, Technical Swing, works: Using multiple technical indicators, this model surveys movements in the market and the sectors […]

Niall Ferguson: Short commodities

Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson went on Consuela Mack’s Wealthtrack this week to describe the fall of the West. He starts by naming the six killer apps (his term) that brought the West to prominence over the past 500 years, then explains China and India’s rise due to “downloading those […]

The value of investing with independent custodians

“Don’t invest in a fund where the manager has access to your assets,” says John Hempton, straight up, in response to Rob Curran’s WSJ article on hedge fund due diligence. Hempton, who runs Australia-based hedge fund Bronte Capital, says Curran’s piece “is so misguided as to be comical” and explains […]

A core equity portfolio – Vista IM’s new Covestor model

John Frankola is the founder of Vista Investment Management, a Pittsburgh, PA based registered investment advisor that manages assets for high net worth individuals and institutional clients. As of January 2011, the firm has approximately $40 million under management. John has 33 years of experience in investment management, and previously […]

Past performance is not a guarantee…

Carl Richards‘ latest sketch, on the hazards of chasing the hot funds:   In his newsletter, Richards recognizes why we’re susceptible to this error: We’ve been told over and over by the traditional financial services industry to look for the best investment. In our search for the best we often […]