Monthly Archives: January 2011

Why the other checkout line is always faster

At the supermarket, why do we all get the sense that we made the wrong decision in choosing a slow checkout line? Turns out that’s actually true most of the time, and until they change the organization method you can mathematically expect this frustrating experience to repeat itself more often […]

How poor is Egypt relative to some Mideast peers?

One important driver of what we’re seeing, via Global Macro Monitor: Egypt’s a nation with sustained 9+% unemployment, and around 40% of Egypt’s population of just under 80 million live on the  income equivalent of roughly $2 per day (AFP). Meanwhile, food inflation in Egypt is running at about 17% […]

Francis Ford Coppola: Who says art has to cost money?

In this remarkable Q&A with Francis Ford Coppola, the esteemed filmmaker suggests another approach to making a living in the field: We have to be very clever about those things. You have to remember that it’s only a few hundred years, if that much, that artists are working with money. […]

In the money

In Davos, questioning the wine and the art – Felix Salmon and Dan Arieli World market valuation heat map – Seeking Delta Big mac inflation versus official inflation rates – The Economist’s Daily Chart Super Bowl Indicator: The Secret History – Jason Zweig, WSJ John Paulson racks up a second […]

Raymond Stoudt’s tech-focused Covestor model combines market leadership with technical analysis (CY, CSCO, SCHW)

*See important disclosures. In Raymond Stoudt’s Innovative Companies Covestor model, the focus is on owning the stock of leading edge, unique companies, usually in the technology sector. Stoudt focuses on company analysis and technical data when choosing stocks for the model. He addressed this investment style in his October investment […]

Mobile phone service wars cool down as financial results are announced (MMI, T, VZ, TMRK, NOK)

Motorola Mobility Holdings (NYSE: MMI) shares plummeted Thursday after an earnings announcement that slightly exceeded analysts’ expectations, but also acknowledged some weakness in its smartphone business. MMI also forecasted a loss for quarter one 2010, which was not what analysts had anticipated. Investors took heed and the stock fell from […]

What Covestor managers are buying: SMTC (SMTX, MKSI)

*See important disclosures. Analytic Investment added electronics manufacturing services provider SMTC (NASDAQ: SMTX) to its Focus Value model last week. Focus Value is a model that attempts to take advantage of equity mispricing opportunities caused by market inefficiencies. Over the past few months, SMTX has been focusing on growth. On […]

In the money

The Fed, translated into plain English – Slate and Planet Money Want to make money in the stock market? Own it only when it’s closed – Tradestreaming and BIG The relationship between speed cameras and road deaths – The Economist [chart] Why people happily pay $71,000+ to go to Davos […]