Monthly Archives: May 2007

New Feature: Manual trade entry

Another milestone was reached today on the Covestor site as the manual trade entry process was uploaded to the live site. Members can now choose whether to use the data link to their broker, to automatically populate their track record, or enter trades by hand. The form is very easy […]

Bookmarks for May 16

Some good reading on oversized funds and some of the stock blogs we are reading at the moment: Why fat funds need diets: Excellent Kiplinger article from May edition on why money piling into funds affects their performance Remember what Buffet said about HF fees?: Warren buffets shareholder statement about […]


Welcome to Proven Self Investors. I am Perry Blacher, one of the founders of Covestor. The idea behind Covestor is to give investors better value and greater transparency by enabling them to invest alongside any private individual who is managing their own money, rather than just putting money into an […]